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Cavapoo Dog Breed Information

Do you want to adopt a pet and you can’t decide? In general, dogs are the most common choice among families looking for a new member of the family. This is because the dog breed options are varied in physical appearance and behavior, adapting with great ease to any environment as long as it is indicated.

Among the great variety of breeds, there is one that is particularly tender, energetic, intelligent and playful: the Cavapoo . These canines, originating from a cross between the Miniature Poodle and the Cavalier King, stand out among the favorites thanks to their unmatched behavior.

In addition, the combination of these two excellent breeds has allowed this to gain different abilities and great personality. To discover the different aspects of this very special dog, we will leave you below an article dedicated to this breed of dog.

Be sure to read every detail of this important information and know everything you need to know about these animals before adopting.

Cavapoo origins

Also known by the name of Cavoodle , this canine breed is characterized by having become known in the mid-90s, thanks to campaigns that connoisseurs of the breed in Australia carried out to promote love for them and their adoption.

In principle, those responsible for making the cross between the Cavalier king and the Miniature Poodle , sought to combine the virtues and personality of both breeds into one. Process that was evidently successful because the Cavapoo is a dog completely similar to its parents.

Because it is a recent dog, it has not been officially recognized as a breed. However, within the group of hybrid canines, it shares enormous recognition together with other dogs such as the Maltipoo , which share similar characteristics because they are both descendants of the Poodle.

Within the hybrid breeds, the Maltipoo and the Cavoodle are located in the group of goldendoodles , that is, a canine born from the cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle .

Physical appearance

Although they are small breed canines, they are characterized by having a robust and well-proportioned body. Coupled with its abundant and curly coat that gives it the appearance of a heavy dog, when it is the opposite, light, although it is muscular.

A distinctive aspect of this breed is that the adult and the puppy do not usually differ physically easily , as they remain physically the same, except that they can be seen a little smaller when they are puppies.

Weight and size

The height and weight of these specimens determines that they are small dogs. Indistinctly sex, these canines can reach between 5 and 12 kilograms in weight, and from 25 to 38 centimeters in height at the withers.

Head and face

These canines have a formidable skull, well pronounced, wide and rounded. His eyes are medium in size, usually dark in color, his nose is short, black and of medium size.

On the other hand, the ears of these dogs are flattened and rounded, set high hanging just on each side of their head.


The coat is another distinctive aspect, as it is diverse in structure. It can be wavy or with tight curls. What it is is that it will never be otherwise. It has an abundant, dense and thick coat, although it is not difficult to handle.

An important detail is that these dogs are hypoallergenic. That is, they do not shed as much hair, so they are ideal for those who want to have a pet but have problems with this type of allergies.

As for the color, within the recognition of the breed different varieties are allowed: Cinnamon, blond, brown, beige, gold, black or white are some of the most popular.

Cavapoo Personality

If there is something that can attract people, it is undoubtedly their wonderful behavior. These canines stand out for their gentle and very balanced character .

They are intelligent, friendly, affectionate and playful dogs. But in addition, they are usually calm and very peaceful, which is ideal to be pets of people of any age and any family, especially where there are children.

While it is true that the dogs from which it is descended are recommended as the best pets for children , in the case of this one, it is no exception. It is among one of the most recommended, since it adapts to any context and is really loving.

In living with other pets there are usually no drawbacks either. He feels very friendly and comfortable with the presence of other dogs. However, it is important to reinforce education, especially socialization, so that it is truly a balanced animal.

In general, their temperament when they are puppies is usually more active, energetic and in many cases unstoppable. However, as they reach adulthood, they may develop into calmer, more stable, and peaceful canines.


Training is an extremely simple subject. His character and intelligence help make it very easy to put into practice all the necessary aspects to ensure the education of the canine.

Carrying out the training of this dog will not be a problem, even if its owners do not have experience in the subject of canine education.

The main thing will be to teach this canine to socialize . This is important, because although it is a friendly canine by nature, education will significantly influence the formation of our dog’s character.

Later, it will be necessary to take him out for a walk and establish interaction with his environment. The tricks and other teachings will come later. Not without first having practiced the basic commands both inside and outside the house.

In addition, it is important to establish an orientation for dealing with children and, above all, how children should treat this canine, since it will be in direct contact with the little ones in the house most of the time.

Cavapoo Health

In addition to being balanced and stable, this breed is characterized by being physically healthy animals. Its life expectancy can reach up to 14 years, as long as it remains cared for and with the attention it requires.

There are some pathologies that can affect your health in some cases, however they are not very common. Among the most common are: heart disease, knee dislocation and eye disorders such as progressive retinal atrophy .

It is also possible that these canines are prone to conjunctivitis or other less serious vision disorders. Each of these diseases can be treated with the appropriate time if the visits to the veterinarian and other essential care that allow to maintain the good health condition of this canine are fulfilled.

Cavapoo Care

Cavapoo Although we are talking about a healthy canine, like any pet it requires constant care and simple compliance . This will ensure that your health is maintained and your life expectancy is extended as long as possible.

Let’s see below some of the most necessary and indispensable care that this breed of dog requires to remain mentally and physically healthy.


One of the most essential details for the good condition of the canine is to maintain proper hygiene. Starting with daily brushing or every two days, because their dense and abundant hair can easily become tangled or, failing that, acquire dirt that can trigger allergies at the skin level.

On the other hand, the hygiene of your teeth, your eyes and your ears is just as important. In these areas bacteria tend to accumulate that can affect the health of our canine, so proper cleaning is essential periodically.


In small breed dogs, feeding is an issue in which special care must be taken. This is because if the amount of food is exceeded and it is not of quality, it can cause not only gastrointestinal diseases, but also obesity, which can be detrimental to the well-being of the dog.


Cavapoo Although in moderate amounts, it is important to comply with a light but effective exercise routine . This will help the dog to stay physically active and mentally balanced, as well as helping to avoid canine obesity in conjunction with a good diet.

Deworming and vaccination

Medical checks are essential. Especially if they go hand in hand with a correct deworming and vaccination schedule, where the canine will receive the necessary medication to stay healthy and counteract some diseases.


Once the different aspects related to the breed are known, it is impossible not to think about making this canine part of our family. Its character, personality, and abilities make it one of the first options to adopt.

It is important, first of all, to consider adopting any pet. In this way, you will be helping to reduce the rates of abandoned dogs. However, before considering adopting, it is important to analyze if you have the time to meet the needs that every pet requires.

In this way, we will be complying with the proper care of the canine and ensuring its present and future well-being, so that it grows as a happy and balanced pet.

Now that you already know this breed, and you have the time that these dogs demand, then do not wait any longer and start looking for your copy now so that you can enjoy the love, affection and tenderness that these dogs have to offer.


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Dog Breeds

Retriever: The six most intelligent, obedient and familiar breeds



Did you know that there are 6 breeds of retriever type dogs? Although the Golden and the Labrador are the most popular, they have four more relatives (from the United Kingdom and Canada), discover the types of retrievers that exist!

1. Golden Retriever The most popular breed of retriever is also one of the most beloved breeds by the dog and animal-loving public, due to its personable and friendly nature and for being an exemplary companion . The golden retriever (or golden retriever ) has its origin in the United Kingdom , and it is a classic breed, whose first specimen was born in the mid-nineteenth century. It is a skillful breed for tracking on land and water and the dog by reference to help blind people . The Golden Retriever is one of the dogs that makes the most out of people and has a meek, polite, affectionate and very friendly character, how not to adore him!

2. Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever is the second best known breed of retriever, and is often confuse with its relative the Golden Retriever, especially when it is a golden color specimen. However, there are clear physical characteristics that differentiate one breed from the other: Labradors have a wider head and shorter hair . In addition, it is a breed of Canadian origin . The Labrador is also a dog of exceptional character (although with a bit more genius than the Golden ones) and they have an amazing talent for tracking, which makes them perfect for work in rescue work, police operations and anti-drug and explosion brigades.

3. Flat Coated Retriever Also known as a smooth-haired retriever, it is a breed of dog from the United Kingdom . It is a docile, calm and very familiar dog and needs (like the rest of its retriever relatives) to do a lot of exercise. It is a breed somewhat more disobedient than other retrievers (if it gets bored it can bite our objects ), so it is advisable to have a good education from a young age . However, it is a friendly animal and easy to train .

4. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever It is the retriever with the longest (and most difficult to remember) name in the whole family, but its name perfectly defines the origin of this cheerful and friendly dog. This breed is born in Nova Scotia (Canada) and its function was to recover ducks in lakes and rivers . Like its cousins, it is an animal of impeccable character , educated, enthusiastic, cheerful and easy to train, always ready to learn and that admires the human being. It is recommended that they live in rural environments since they need to do a lot of exercise and burn energy, and also be in the company of other animals and people, they are not solitary animals , they need love and attention.

5. Chesapeake Bay Retriever As its name suggests, it comes from the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland, United States), it is another of those almost unknown retrievers in Spain . It is a classic breed that emerged in the 19th century with the idea of getting a friendly animal with great skills for hunting waterfowl . The Chesapeake Bay Retriever or Chesapeake retriever has slightly curly hair , and like the others, it is also an animal with a lot of will to work , always alert and intelligent. Although their passion for water is something shared among all six types of retrievers, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the biggest fan of swimming .

6. Curly Coated Retriever Also known as a curly-haired retriever , the curly is a more classic breed of retriever, originating from 17th century England . He has an endearing character and is a great companion and above all he stands out for being a great hunter and swimmer, although he needs training from an early age as he is the most rebellious retriever. His curly hair is his most curious and admired characteristic. The curly prefers to live in rural spaces to be able to run and burn energy playing with its human family, which it will consider its clan.

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All About Dogs Breeds



Small dog breeds
In the society we live inmore and more people decide to incorporate a pet into their lifeIf they are inclined towards a dogthe most common is that they choose a small breed of dog that meets their needs for affection and adapts to their lifestyle.
Medium dog breeds
Understood as the most popular and chosen dog breeds among all those who consider acquiring a petThe high versatility of mediumsized dog breedsin terms of adaptation to large and small spacesand the great ease of attending to their fundamental caremakes them the most successful option.
Large dog breeds
There are no statistics that indicate that smaller dogs are calmer and more docile than medium or large breed dogsIn factsome larger dogs are characterized by a more docile and calm behavior than other smaller onesmore nervous or exposed to environmental stimuli.
Calm or docile dogs
There are no statistics that indicate that smaller dogs are calmer and more docile than medium or large breed dogsIn factsome larger dogs are characterized by a more docile and calm behavior than other smaller onesmore nervous or exposed to environmental stimuli.
Dogs that do not shed or shed little hair
Almost all dog breeds tend to shed hairespecially in periods of change of seasonwhich causes permanent care and attention if you want your home to be always pristine.
Dogs for kids
It is well known that dogs can be the best playmates of childrenbecause in addition to sharing experiences with themthey offer them the opportunity to acquire very positive values during childhoodResponsibility and commitment are two of the fundamental aspects that a child can develop at an early age when growing up with a dog.

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Dog Breeds

Top  Most Affectionate Dog Breeds



Dogs show us their affection through their body and verbal language . Howevernot all races demonstrate it in the same way . On the contrarysome breeds are more affectionate and “clingy” than otherswho are more independent or cool in their displayswhich does not mean that they do not have unlimited affection for their family.
In this article we are going to analyze how dogs show their affection and we will select 10 breeds that are among the most affectionate in the worldHoweveryou must bear in mind that the bond with your dog is established through play , training and daily living .
Whatever dog you havewith a little interest and a few notions of canine ethologyyou will soon learn to communicate with him and know how to interpret his signals.
How does a dog show us his affection?
Dogs display extensive body languagewith which they can express their emotions:
The dog’s tail
You probably think that when a dog wags its tailit is because it is happyHoweverthis is not always the casesince with its tailthe dog can show many emotions .
If your dog wags his tail at medium height and in circular motionswagging his buttit indicates that he is feeling happy . Howeverif your dog has a stiff tail on his backit is a warning sign .
Dog’s face
Dogs are capable of smiling, and if your dog has his mouth open and relaxed, smiling, he is happy and wants to show you his affection.
However, panting can be a sign of stress , unless it’s too hot or you’ve been exercising.
If the dog blows air from his mouth , with it closed, causing his cheeks to go in and out, it is a sign of nervousness, so you should be careful.
When your dog’s eyes are round and the look is soft and sweet, it means that everything is going well . It has been shown that when a dog makes eye contact with its owner, it releases oxytocin, increasing its sense of affection.
However, in the canine world, eye contact can be considered a challenge or a threat , so you should be careful before making eye contact with an unfamiliar dog.
Keep in mind that dogs always avoid long stares and are likely to turn their heads to avoid a confrontation. It acts the same way.
If the dog’s gaze is hard and blink-free, it’s a warning to back off. Also, do not go near a dog who stares at you with wide eyes while his body is stiff and tense.
Dog jumps
Show jumping is one of the ways dogs show their affection. So when you get home, they jump up and try to catch up with you, to show you that they are happy to see you and that they don’t want to hurt you . If your dog is very affectionate, he will surely try to lick your face . This indicates that he is by your side and respects you.
Be aware that dogs sometimes jump on humans for other reasons, such as separation anxiety (an anti-anxiety vest can help). Nervous jumping is different from jumping for joy, and you must consider all the body, gestural and sound expression that your dog has to know if he is happy or not.
If a dog jumps up and hits you in the face with its muzzle or keeps its muzzle pressed against your face, this is not a friendly gesture . If your posture is also rigid, you must be careful and stop this behavior.
Some people find it funny that their dog straddles them when they are lying down and they do little hops . However, it is a gesture of dominance that you must prevent.
The dog leans on your leg or leans over you
Dogs often lean on you, dropping all their weight against your legs. It is a gesture of friendship . In this case, the dog will smile and his gaze will be sweet. Your body will be relaxed and your tail or butt may move. Your dog is saying that he totally trusts you, it’s like giving you a big hug.
Of course, this gesture can also indicate anxiety or leadership . As always, you should pay attention to the dog’s body expression. If he stares at you, with a hard expression, and his body is rigid, be careful, because he is telling you that if you make any strange movement, he will attack you.
Whenever a dog is friendly, his expression is relaxed and his gaze soft. Also, in these cases your body does not show any signs of tension .
The dog snuggles up next to you
This is a great sign of affection . You will notice that your dog lies down next to you and leans on you when you are sad or feeling bad. He does it to comfort you. It can also be a sign that the dog is scared or nervous and is seeking your protection. It is a sign of absolute confidence in you .
The dog follows you
Dogs are gregarious animals and always seek the company of their pack. They would follow you everywhere if they could. It is a way of protecting some members of the pack towards others . A united pack can face any danger.

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