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Dog Breeds

In total, 356 dog breeds are recognized worldwide. On this article you will find detailed information about all these dog breeds to help you make the right choice about a dog. If you have any questions about the health, behavior or training of the dog, you will find the answer on our website. We help you to better understand all dog breeds and to develop a fun and fulfilling bond with the dog. If you are thinking about getting a dog but don’t know which breed of dog to choose, our website is the best resource you can find. Obviously, the wrong choice can lead to bitterness between you and your four-legged friend.

Through our website you will learn the characteristics of all different dog breeds, after which you can make a choice with certainty. There are many factors to consider when choosing particular dog breeds. Current lifestyle, income, free time, working hours and type of work as well as the number of family members. You will have to find a breed of dog that fits as many, if not all of the factors as possible. Many dog ​​owners often go for the cutest looking puppy, only to find out later that he’s an expensive eater or hyperactive.

Which dog breeds suit me?

Do you want a dog with a pedigree , do you want a dog from the shelter , do you search for your dog on the internet or are you relying on an advertisement in a newspaper? Do you already know what kind of dog from all those different dog breeds you want to buy? If you have had certain dog breeds before, you may know what kind of dog suits you. There are many books with a lot of information about the character of various dog breeds, you will also find a lot on the internet Dog Academy is our favorite digital breed resource.  And even a veterinarian and a pet store with a passion for their work will be happy to advise you. It is very important that the dog suits you, it will stay with you for many years.

Are you looking for your new dog by size?

There are many dog ​​breeds from very small to very large. Everyone has his preference. However, let the practical side also count if you want to make a responsible choice. If you prefer a large and strong dog breed, you have to stand firmly on your feet, not be too old, have sufficient living space, preferably with a garden. You have to take into account the costs of the food, vaccinations, etc. This is all slightly more expensive than for smaller dog breeds.

Previous experience

You have had good experiences with your previous dog, so you may have a preference for certain dog breeds, often choosing this again. There is of course nothing against that, but keep in mind that dog breeds can differ greatly. Do not always try to compare them, perhaps the appearance, but all types of dog breeds have their own idiosyncrasies, both positive and negative. Give a new dog a fair chance to be the way he is.

Temperament of the dog breeds

Do you like nice, lazy dog ​​breeds, who prefer to sleep with four legs up all day, that you are jealous of when you have to go to work? Then certainly do not get a working dog. Then make a choice between certain breeds that are less movement need, otherwise you get problems of health and behavior. If you are active, like and often outside, the more active dog will suit you well. Dog breeds that are active outside and take their rest indoors is ideal. Education then comes into play and the time you spend on the dog. An adult dog that gets the necessary attention and exercise during the day is a nice quiet dog in the evening.

Target of the dog

While most owners simply purchase dogs for companionship, many people want their dog to be able to perform special functions. For example, if you are looking for a guard dog, you will have to look for dog breeds with specific skills, such as a Doberman or a German Shepherd . Or if you lead an active life, you should look for breeds of dogs that enjoy running and playing. If you have a hobby such as fishing or painting, you will want to look for dog breeds that can be trained well. So it is very important that you choose a dog that will be your companion in the right way.

The right dog breeds can make a huge difference in your life, helping you stay healthier and happier for longer. They make you feel loved and wanted and it’s always nice to be welcomed home with barks of pleasure and showered with licks. When hand picked they can be a great addition to any family and loyal companions throughout their lives. With the help of Lebber you can be sure that you will find the right dog breeds that suit you completely.


Dogs of all dog breeds need a lot of care and attention, especially in their younger years. In the early years, you should spend a few hours a day exercising, washing, feeding, playing and general grooming. In the first months it is important that you do this regularly so that the dog is disciplined. As the dog gets older you will need to find time to take it out for exercise, depending of course on its need to walk.


Owning a dog is a fairly expensive business, and the bigger the dog breeds, the bigger the budget will have to be. Larger dog breeds will eat more food, living alone means food costs will easily double. Puppies are expensive because they have to go to the vet regularly, have a tendency to get sick more often and need lots of toys and supplies in the first months. Certain dog breeds need more coat care, which can also add up to quite some costs.

Family situation

If you live alone, you need to find a way that the dog will be looked after when you are away from home, even if it will only be a few hours in the evening. If you have young children then you should look for reliable and friendly dog ​​breeds, for example a Golden Retriever or a Dalmatian . Breeds of dogs that are known for barking a lot or being overly active can be annoying to older people.

Movement and space for various dog breeds

In general, larger dog breeds need a larger living environment. It is possible to have larger breeds of dog in a small house or apartment as long as they are given enough exercise or space. Still, it is safer to assume that larger dog breeds normally require more living space than smaller dog breeds.


All types of dog breeds need quite a bit of discipline and regularity in their lives to help them stay sociable and friendly. Dogs who don’t have a regularity or pattern in their day tend to become aggressive and unmanageable, and will take much longer to train them. Still, the dog’s lifestyle will be a big reflection of yours. For this reason, it will be difficult to train and discipline certain dog breeds if you don’t have set wake-up and sleep times, meals, and play times. In such situations it is better to choose smaller dog breeds, which are not aggressive and which you can handle physically.

The right choice

There are so many different dog breeds, but which one do you choose? Are you going for the perennial favorites like the Labrador Retriever , Beagle , Boxer or Poodle ? Or do you want to stand out with more exotic dog breeds such as the Mexican Crested Dog , Schipperke , Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Tibetan Mastif f . Maybe a lap dog is more your style then you better check out the Shih Tzu , Affenpinscher , Maltese or Pug . If you like to keep moving, you need a dog that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. TheHusky , Australian Cattle Dog , Collie and English Springer Spaniel are just a few examples of dog breeds that can’t get enough of exercise.

We’ve researched hundreds of dog breeds and broken down the pros and cons of each breed so you have all the information you need to make the right decision. How much does the dog shed, is he good with children, can he live comfortably in an apartment? Read more and discover the perfect dog breeds for your lifestyle.