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Introducing dog and baby



Introducing dog and baby

The birth of a baby in a family is a happy event. All attention is focused on the new family member. We humans often expect a dog to accept the baby right away and start serving and protecting with its life. For a dog, that is not obvious. This sometimes leads to unpleasant situations that can sometimes be very frightening. In almost all cases this can be prevented if it is tackled in the right way.

The world of the dog

A dog is a pack animal that gets along well with humans. It is one of the most successful animal species thanks to humans. We humans often have the tendency to assign all kinds of human character traits to the dog. We talk to them, while the dog does not understand us. We often fail to realize that the dog gets its motivation from the fact that it does not like being alone and that humans are its food source. Yet it remains an animal with its own rules and laws.

A dog lives in a strict hierarchy. If the ranking is correct, all humans are above the dog. The dog needs this ranking so that the animal can rest. If the dog is in charge, then the proportions are not right and that will often lead to undesirable behavior. If the dog has to do something he doesn’t like, it’s an attack on his authority. And the dog will not just accept that. This principle takes care of most of the problems between a child and a dog.

A child is a puppy

A dog will see a child as a puppy. Dogs used to children know that to a degree. If the dog is oppressed, it will try to communicate with the child. If we adults don’t teach the child to interpret this, or if we don’t protect the dog from a child’s whims, the dog will dole out a correction in its own way. This is undesirable for several reasons. Often a child will run away crying, which the dog will see as a victory and may try to move up one place in rank.

Falling from a child after being pushed is also a small victory. Trying to punish the dog afterwards leads to more frustration than it helps. If at a given moment the dog is alone with the child, then the story can start, with all the consequences that entails. It is better to avoid these kinds of confrontations at all times, until the child is old enough to put the dog in his place. It is best to designate a place for the dog where it can hide from the victory and often painful behavior of a child. And not to leave the child alone with the dog. Keep in mind that from the dog’s point of view, the child is often the aggressor.

The pack is getting bigger

Any well behaved dog will welcome extension. If the dog is in the right place, it will be fine with a little one. It is not uncommon for a dog to extend the family. Often the dog realizes perfectly well that a woman is pregnant and will even pay extra attention when walking. Often dogs already know small children of others and that is often fine too. Please note that the expansion of the own pack for a dog is really different from a visit. A dog realizes that visitors are leaving again. It is therefore not a competitor for attention and food.

The expansion of one’s own pack often is. The dog often skips visitors. The maternity assistant would prefer to keep the dog away from everywhere because of the hair. Everyone gets food all day and the dog now suddenly gets food later due to all the hustle and bustle. There is also less playing and the attention is a lot less. Suddenly the rules are stricter because you have to walk next to a stroller and the dog has to be in his basket all day. He will not be able to sleep peacefully if the baby cries a lot. And also at night there is always a commotion due to the feeding of the baby.

His sleep is severely affected. In short, the world that the dog knew no longer exists. For him, all circumstances and relationships have suddenly changed. However, a dog understands very well what the cause is. If the preparation, introduction and supervision is not done seriously, this can lead to competitive behaviour. That can turn into a real battle. After all, the dog’s place is at stake.

A good approach prevents a lot of suffering

While there is no magic formula, this approach will work in most cases. In fact it is very simple. Good preparation ensures that the dog is ready for the new situation in terms of habit and behavior. A proper introduction will answer any question as to when the visit will leave again. And finally, of course, the dog is always part of the family and therefore also needs part of the attention.

As a preparation, you can tighten up the rules during pregnancy. It is especially important to walk side by side. If the box has to be replaced by the basket, make sure that the dog has a good alternative. Teach him that he has to lie somewhere else before the box is placed. Place the box in time, so that the dog can get used to the object. The pram often sees the dog as a large foreign object, which it is best to get used to. Cuddle the dog on or next to the belly (of the woman).

The dog will look at you with wide eyes at some point when it realizes that the female is pregnant. The dog does this because it is afraid. Pregnant animals can be aggressive and reassurance works wonders. This is the first step in rapid acceptance. There are dogs that then like to lie with their head on their stomach. That can’t hurt and is even good for the future bond between child and animal.

Let them get used to each other quietly

Of course, a dog does not have to be present at the birth. It is important that they get to know the child themselves. It is best if this happens as soon as possible after delivery. If the dog doesn’t want this, that’s fine too. It is about realizing that there is expansion.

Please note that if a dog is never allowed to climb the stairs, this must first be prepared. That is of course not possible if you do not want this, or if it concerns a hospital birth. Then go downstairs with the baby for a quiet moment and sit on a chair that is not too high.

You don’t have to do anything, because the dog will come and see for itself. Never bring the child to the dog as it will offer as if it were a toy or food. The dog will be confused by this and will not know what to do with it. The dog will want to lick the baby. That’s very important. It thus establishes a bond and is regarded as care and the exchange of scent.

Both are good and absolutely not harmful to the child. He doesn’t get sick from that. Pet the dog and child to properly mix the scent. In general, this is sufficient. However, there are also dogs that growl. This is exceptional and may stem from uncertainty. A verbal reprimand should suffice here. If not, you are often dealing with another behavioral problem.

Daily rhythm

Life continues as a pack, but with a new person. Make sure that the visit also gives the dog the normal attention, as the dog is used to. Don’t let the visitors fool you, as they will present you with a problem if you’re not careful. Involving the dog yourself is often enough if you notice this. It often works well to let the visitor give a kibble to the dog.

The dog will then more easily experience the situation as fun. Remember that a maternity assistant should not determine what happens to the dog. The parents are the alpha and the dog often sees the insecurity that a new child brings. Finally, never put the child in the basket and never leave the dog in the playpen. Both have their own place. The dog will understand that just fine.

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How Do I Insolate My Dog House? 3 Tricks To Get It Right



Outdoor dog house offer a safe and comfortable haven for your pet. When the winter season approaches, every owner tries to effectively protect his dog from the cold! That is when we ask ourselves… How can I insulate my dog’s kennel so that it spends the winter comfortably?

AIVITUVIN insulated dog house manufacturer suggest you the following tips and tricks to insulate your pet’s house and thus offer your companion a cozy refuge. 

First of all, the dimensions of our pet’s house must be adapted to its size. The heat given off by the dog’s body warms the shelter, so a shelter that is too large will make it easier for that heat to dissipate. If the temperatures are very cold, your pet’s body can be exposed to multiple injuries and frostbite, mainly on the tips of the ears and tail.

Select The Right Materials For Your Dog’s House

An outdoor dog house must be robust and solid to cope with climatic changes throughout the year (cold, wind, frost, snow…). Therefore, it is essential to choose resistant materials such as wood, PVC or resin.


Wooden dog houses are well insulated. They have the advantage of staying cool in summer and once winter comes, they keep you warm. The house thus becomes a real and cozy home.

But wood can be very sensitive to water and moisture. Wooden houses are generally protected with a glaze that prevents water from entering, while allowing the wood to breathe.

We advise you to insulate a dog house from the ground, with plastic or metal legs. This will ensure optimal ventilation of the base and a sufficient distance from the ambient humidity of the ground.


PVC is a material that prevents sudden changes in temperature and insulates perfectly from the cold. However, care must be taken when choosing a quality product, as PVC can quickly deteriorate, yellow and/or crack over time. It is about finding a doghouse that is as waterproof and robust, and cheaper than wooden kennels. The manufacturers of sheds constantly innovate for this, making at the same time decorative PVC sheds that imitate wood.


Due to its impermeability, the resin is ideal for the manufacture of outdoor sheds, as they have effective insulating properties against rain, cold or ice. They are easy to move, so the resin houses will adapt to all seasons depending on the location you choose.

Roof shape

To facilitate the evacuation of rainwater easily, pointed roofs have a great advantage over flat roofs; check that the roof is waterproof (rubber protection, polystyrene or other waterproof material).

 Basic accessories to isolate the doghouse

PVC door

Regardless of the season of the year, it is essential to insulate the interior of the shed against rain. There are many booths on the market that are sold without doors or slats. Outdoor sheds should provide some insulation from the entrance, to protect their interior from nighttime moisture, rain, wind, snow, etc. The doors, generally made of PVC or plastic, isolate the interior of your pet’s kennel at all times.

The blanket, the heating mattress or the mattress

To insulate the floor of the doghouse, you can place a blanket, rug or cushion inside it specially designed for outdoor kennels. So your pet’s kennel will become a warm and welcoming place.

Choosing the right location for the doghouse and effectively insulating it

You have already seen all the requirements for your partner’s shed to be a welcoming place. Now you just have to choose the right place.

During the summer season we will seek to place the doghouse outdoors and in the shade to protect it from the heat and provide it with a cool rest. But with the arrival of winter, you should provide your pet with a home protected from the cold, facing south if possible! If you have a covered place, a garage, or a terrace protected from bad weather, do not hesitate, place the shed in one of these places.

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Can You Actually Know Your Pets Thoughts?



Ever wonder what your cat or dog is really thinking? Just ask an experienced pet communicator who can communicate with the pet and let you know your pet’s thoughts. Some pet owners do this simply to learn more about their pet’s personality. Others consult a pet psychic who is also a pet healer to find the reason behind a physical or behavioral issue and to heal the pet. 

The following are some tips that every pet owner should know:

  • Pets react to your stress

When a pet begins to act strangely, such as when your cat suddenly decides to ditch the litter box, it is important to – in this case quickly- find the reason. To discover the reason many people consult a pet psychic. The pet communicator will ask the cat why. Often the reason can be an emotional problem. For example, if there is stress in the house and you are not getting on well with your husband, or there is a new cat in the neighborhood that is bothering your cat. Peeing outside the box is one of the ways cats tell you that something is awry. If the pet communicator is also a pet healer, they would let you know not only if there is an emotional reason behind the behavior and what that reason is, but they will also be able to tell you if the behavior is due to a health issue and what that health issue is. For example, peeing outside the litter box can also be an indication that your cat has a bladder infection which causes a cat to not be able to control their bladder. 

  Pets recognize when they are in good hands

Wondering if your pet knows how much you love them? It is highly likely that they do. According to the specialists, all animals know when they are with people who love them. Adopted pets from animal shelters may need a little more time to fully trust you- and a pet psychic can help speed that along- but they know deep down that you care. And yes, even a particularly unaffectionate or aloof cat knows. Similar to people in that some people are openly affectionate while others are more reserved, pet’s are the same way. It’s important to understand that, just like people, pets have distinct moods and personalities but that does not mean they do not love you.

  • Pets mourn the loss of other pets just as much as people do

When a pet passes it is often a deeply sad event. Both the owner and other pets in the home feel the loss and mourn each in their own way. While one pet will keep searching and looking for their fellow pet, others simply know they have passed. Certain pets can sense the deceased pet around them in spirit and will keep sniffing and looking for them. It’s important to allow your pets to mourn in their own unique way and to give them comfort and understanding. There are pet psychics with the ability to communicate with the deceased pet which can be helpful to a grieving pet owner, and to pets who are also grieving.

Pets can get very anxious and lonely when you are away at work on a trip

Generally, if you have a routine where you are gone for certain hours every day, your pet becomes accustomed to that routine. With dogs, If you do have to leave for more than ten hours then it is always a good idea to make sure someone comes by to walk them to break up the time a bit. If your pet tends to be over anxious in your absence, leave some clothing you have worn for them to sleep on or near where they sleep. The scent will comfort them. When away on a trip, this is especially recommended. In cases where your pet displays extreme separation anxiety no matter what you do, an animal communicator and pet healer can help with this behavioral issue. 

  • Pets always have a reason for acting out

Apart from stress, any variety of things can cause your pet to behave oddly. For instance, if you swapped their bed for a new one and the old one, to them, was their secure spot. Or perhaps you started using a harsh cleanser in the house. Many people do not realize that when they use strongly scented chemical cleansers in the house, an animal’s sense of smell is twenty times more sensitive than a person’s. These scents and chemicals can make them hyper and want to escape or nauseous, disoriented, unsteady, etc. Additionally those chemicals can be dangerous to a pet’s health. In order to avoid upsetting or even hurting your pet, it is wise to switch to all natural unscented cleaning products and to keep your pet well away from chemicals and fumes.

If your pet randomly begins to behave differently, oddly or badly, this is a clear signal that something is up. Sometimes it is hard to know what the cause is. Or, even if you might know the cause, it can be hard to appease, reassure, and calm them. A pet communicator and pet healer can be of enormous help in these situations. 

To explore more about the emotions of your pet, know your pet’s thoughts, or to understand the source and heal your pet’s physical and behavioral issues get in touch with a highly rated pet psychic such as Nancy at Seaintuit, an expert pet healer!

About the Author: Nancy is a pet psychic and pet healer who gives readings by phone. Working in unison with angels, she has given thousands of psychic readings worldwide for over 20 years. Read more..

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Pitbull Puppies: Everything You Need To Know



The Pitbull dogs, with his big smile, are adept at stealing hearts. Although they are incredibly protective of their favorite people, they are also quite affectionate. Also, Pitbull puppies love to play non-stop and interact with both children and adults.

With ancestors from England, Scotland, and Ireland, pit bulls were created by crossing different breeds of bulldog and terrier. Originally they were bred to fight large animals, although now these practices have been banned fortunately. They have also been excellent rat catchers thanks to their terrier side. When they see our full grown American Bully and Pitbull pups, people can’t believe how rapidly they grow! We invite you to visit Burrnationk9s Pitbull Kennel and see our Pitbull Puppies for Sale.

The pit bull does not have an official breed standard and includes different breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Bully. It is closely related to the American Staffordshire terrier, as they both have similar, broad, flat heads and robust bodies.

Who is the best human for a Pitbull?

The Pitbull dogs are ideal for family life. They are known for their kindness and willingness to play with children and love being part of an active household. They need to get rid of excess energy, so if they are locked in an apartment without the possibility of moving they can develop destructive behavior.

The better trained you are, the happier your Pitbull will be. Thus, Pitbull puppies who quickly get used to the leash and interacting with other dogs and other people will enjoy a full and happy life.

Where to find Pitbull puppies

Choosing between adopting and buying a Pitbull puppy is a personal decision that also requires some research. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you find an animal shelter or breeder who offers healthy, ethically sourced Pitbull puppies.

If you want to be a responsible pet owner, you must consider the characteristics of the pit bull. Whether you are using a breeder or planning to adopt, you should prepare to welcome into your home a new member of the family who is as energetic as he is loving.

American Pitbull are not aggressive dogs

This breed of dog needs a person by his side who has the experience and time to train and educate him from a young age. Thus, the temperament of the American Pitbull is in no case aggressive because it is of this breed, but it can become an aggressive dog, like any other dog, if it does not receive adequate care and attention and is educated in a negative way or is mistreats you. On multiple occasions, this breed has been used for illegal fights, enhancing aggressiveness and conditioning its character. However, American Pitbull are one of the most loving, loyal, and protective dogs.

Pit bulls have been one of the most sought after and popular dogs for years. Its character and its particular physique have made it become a highly demanded breed among dog lovers. However, sadly, they have also been associated in a generalized way with negative aspects, such as the false belief that it is an aggressive or dangerous race, having become the news of different attacks on humans. However, this lineage of original dogs from Great Britain have one of the most stable temperaments according to ATTS (American Society for the Evaluation of Temperament) and it all comes down to providing a good education, care and stability, as it would happen with any other animal.

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