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Benefits of living with a dog



Through scientific studies, the therapeutic effects associated with having a pet have been proven, with which you can carry out activities to reduce stress, enjoy faithful company and live unforgettable experiences. Precisely that is what the benefits of living with a dog are about, about which you can learn in this interesting article.

Why choose a dog as a pet?

Dogs are the ideal pets for many people, living with them provides a unique sense of emotional well-being, as they offer unconditional love and companionship, whether you are sad or happy, and are perfect for those who live alone.

There are several reasons why some people select a dog instead of any other animal, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Having a dog at home allows you to lead a relaxed and anxiety-free life; since you will have the opportunity to play with it, take care of it, feed it and take it with you for a walk from time to time.
  • He will love you unconditionally, creating a special bond through which he will become more than just a partner. It will be part of your family and will fill you with love, even if you don’t ask for it.
  • When you get home, you will feel joy just by stroking his hair and he will always celebrate your arrival with expressions of affection.
  • Sharing your life with a dog will allow you to reduce many physical conditions, such as asthma by doing physical activities together and allergies when you build immunity by being in contact with him.
  • Walking your dog is an activity that will take you out of your comfort zone and you will be more sociable, since you will be able to share with other pet owners, breathe fresh air and maintain a daily physical routine in favor of your well-being.
  • When children grow up next to a dog, they learn from an early age to be responsible and respect animals. In addition to this, taking care of another living being encourages discipline and at the same time helps them improve their self-esteem to have an unconditional friend.
  • Choosing a dog as a pet will make you responsible, since you will be in charge of feeding it, caring for it and giving it all the love it needs for its growth and development, taking it to the vet whenever necessary, so that it enjoys excellent health.
  • Your dog knows when you are not in the mood and will seek by all means to relieve your tension or stress, will stay by your side so that you get better and will remind you at every moment that he is with you and needs you.
  • Having a dog at home will give you security, as it will alert you to the presence of intruders nearby, in addition to attacking them even if it puts your own life at risk.
  • If all of the above still does not seem like enough reason to have one of these furry friends at home, you will surely deduce that with a dog you will no longer eat alone, because it will be by your side, waiting for you to share your food with it.

How do dogs benefit society?

Dogs play a fundamental role in society and are recommended by pediatricians to complement the development of children, especially between 3 and 6 years old, with the aim that they learn to manage their self-centeredness, develop responsibility, autonomy and respect for others. other living beings in the world.

This makes them agents of great benefit during child development , because by communicating with their pet, they are developing their language, motor skills and other physical and intellectual aspects.

Dogs are also used in support activities during the rehabilitation of sick people, since they reduce their stress. Some of them are the eyes that guide the blind or detect when the sugar levels are low in a diabetic patient, barking to encourage him and seek help immediately.

Family living with dogs has allowed their masters to get sick less, because their organisms begin to generate resistance to the germs or bacteria present in this type of animal.

Scientific studies have shown that dogs can be one of the most powerful allergens for many people, so it is advisable to raise children with them from an early age, so that they build immunity and are less prone to suffering from allergies.

Many doctors recommend that children with autism have a dog by their side to improve their behavior and reduce the anxiety that is common in them, in addition, this pet will prevent them from endangering their physical integrity.

Dogs within society are used for a series of tasks, such as guarding, rescuing and protecting the lives of human beings, an element that you can take advantage of by having them in your home as a pet.

Benefits of having a dog as a pet, according to science

Studies carried out through the II Scientific Analysis of the Affinity Foundation on the relationship between people and pets have determined that at least 74% of the population in Spain say that living with a dog has allowed them to be happier .

There are many families that have a dog at home, precisely because it is the preferred animal as a pet within the home; His care and feeding are simple and he integrates like another member of the family.

This study allowed us to establish that many dog ​​owners consider them not only part of their family, but also their best friends, with whom they communicate regularly at every moment of their daily routine.


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How To Select The Most Suitable Bed For Your Dog



How to choose the right dog bed? This question worries all pet owners. I want the couch to be comfortable, beloved by the pet, so that he runs with pleasure to his sleeping place. And I don’t want to spend money on a thing that will take up space in the apartment in vain, because the dog will not want to use it. This dog beds guide is designed to aid you in choosing the best dog bed.

Selection Tips

There are several factors to consider before buying.

  • Animal sizes. The taller and longer the beast, the more should be a sleeping place for him. A dog bed can be much larger than required, less – no.
  • Favorite sleeping position: For those who like to sleep in a ball, beds with sides are suitable. If the dog sleeps with its paws stretched out, take a mattress.
  • The price depends on the filler and the manufacturer. The average price of a couch is from 1 to 7 thousand rubles.
  • Houses and other models with a roof are suitable for a small number of small dogs. It is better to choose models with an open top, it will be easier for the pet to breathe in it.
  • Choose a bed for the puppy that can be washed, that is, with a filler made of holofiber or polyurethane foam, and not coconut coir. A small puppy is not yet toilet trained, and he can get his bed dirty. A good option is a zippered model with a waterproof membrane backing.

What Are The Beds Made Of

A mattress for a pet can be either homemade or made by professionals. There are a lot of filling options. There are only two requirements for them – the bed should be comfortable for the pet, and it could be easily cleaned. Let’s consider several options.

  • Polyurethane foam, monolithic block. Another name for the material is artificial latex. It keeps its shape well, is easy to clean, allows air to pass through, so it does not accumulate dust and dirt inside.
  • The polyurethane foam crumb pleasantly spills under the pet and has a slight massage effect. A lounger made of cut polyurethane foam is always quilted, so the filler does not bunch up, but is evenly distributed throughout the product.
  • Hollofiber consists of many thin synthetic fibers twisted into a spiral. Unlike natural fillers, it is not interesting for pests; colonies of microorganisms do not settle in it even after many years of use.
  • Bicocos. Mixture of coconut and artificial fibres. Strong, rigid, hardy material. Cannot be bent or wet.
  • Natural latex is an elastic, durable material that can last more than 10 years. Slightly springy under load, quickly recovers after deformation.

When choosing a bed, be guided by the size of the pet, his favorite sleeping position and how convenient it is to take care of the bed – whether it can be washed, or only dry cleaning is possible.

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How to Teach Your Dog to Drop Items



Teaching your dog to drop items on command is a great way to establish your position as the leader of the pack. Dogs are natural pack animals, and they will be happier if they respect you as their leader. This is important not just for relationship reasons, but also for safety reasons. Your dog might pick up something dangerous it shouldn’t ingest, or you might need it to drop something for some other reason. Also teaching this command can be fun!

Why is it important to teach your dog to drop items?

There are several reasons why you should teach your dog this skill. These include:

  • It can help prevent choking or swallowing items that cause obstruction in the esophagus or intestines
  • It prevents damage to property
  • It helps prevent fights among dogs who want the same toy
  • If your dog has something that is not safe for him to chew, he may eat some of it. You can use the drop command to get him to release the item so that you can take it away from him before he eats any more of it. Not only will this save him from choking on something or from swallowing something that could cause an intestinal blockage, but it will also save you a trip to the emergency vet clinic.

How to start teaching your dog to drop items

To start, put the item you want your dog to drop on the floor in front of him. As soon as he takes it up (or even before), say the phrase “drop it.” 

While his mouth is full and he’s trying to figure out what you’re asking, exchange the item for a treat. If he doesn’t spit it out, keep holding his mouth closed until he opens it. The goal is to reward him when his mouth is open and he’s not chewing on anything besides a tasty treat or snack.

Once your dog has swallowed whatever treat was in his mouth, give him several more as praise. In other words, don’t ask him to drop something else right away, lest you overwhelm or frustrate him by changing tasks too quickly.

Repeat this exercise several times over a week or two (or longer) until your furry friend has learned what “drop it” means. Remember: patience and consistency are key!

How do you introduce the items for training?

In order to practice, you’ll need to introduce your dog to some items. Start with toys, as they’re small and easy for the dog both to pick up and drop. If your dog is already used to playing fetch with a toy, then you can simply point out the toy and say “drop it” when they pick it up. Otherwise, try holding the toy in front of them while saying “drop it,” then let them play with it. When they’re holding onto the toy, say “drop it,” and praise them when they do so. You can also hold a treat in front of them and see if that encourages them to drop what’s in their mouth—they may be more motivated by food than by toys at this point.

After introducing one item for Surrey dog training, move on to another item (a different toy or maybe something else like a dog chew). Make sure that there are no other items around in case your dog becomes distracted from what you want them to focus on—you don’t want any confusion about which item the command is referring to!

More tips for a successful training

Once your dog has proven his prowess, it’s easy to let the praise and treats flow. The key, however, is to not overdo it; you don’t want your pup to start dropping items because he’s expecting a tasty treat every time. 

Keep your tone and body language the same as when he first learned the trick. If you find yourself having to go through any of the steps again or if you notice any regression in performance, do some repetitions until there is an improvement. It’s also important to use different items for training so that your dog learns the lesson rather than simply learning which item earns a treat.


Overall, the treat method works best for training a dog to drop things. Because as we all know, there is no better motivator than food! In an ideal world, treats would be unnecessary, but that’s just not reality. Just be sure to keep your dog on a healthy diet and give them treats in moderation.

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Top Things to Consider When Buying Dog Supplies



Dog supplies are the necessities of a pet that you should consider buying for your dog every year. This is expensive and not an easy thing to do considering all the different brands of dog supplies on the market today.

What is important for you is to get what best suits your dog’s needs. Do you know your pet? Next, it is essential that you think about the things you need for your pets.


When thinking about your dog’s needs, you also need to consider your budget. You can choose the best dog supplies on the market by comparing different brands. There are so many pet supplies for your dog available in the market. It is very confusing to know which ones will suit your dog’s best. When buying dog supplies from a pet store, there are many brands of dog supplies.

If you think you don’t have enough time to compare brands, you can use the Internet. There are many pet websites that can help you compare different brands of dog supplies. You can easily compare the prices of each brand to get the one you want at the most reasonable price.


Another thing to consider when buying dog supplies is the purpose of the dog supplies. What are the items you are going to buy for? Do you plan to buy your pet dog toys or dog food? Is your pet in need of specific pet supplies?? By considering these questions, you will be able to purchase the appropriate dog supplies for your dog that will meet his basic needs.

Finding the right pet supplies for your pet can also take time. You need to think and carefully consider all the features of the products to decide which one will be best for your dog.

To be able to find the right pet supplies, you need to ask other dog owners who have purchased similar types of products and you can also read about them and the reviews about them on the internet. By reading these reviews, you will be able to decide what kind of dog supplies your dog should buy.


Some of the basic things you need to consider when buying dog supplies are the size, the materials used, and the function of the item for the dog. These factors will help you decide what type of dog supplies you should buy for your dog. Item size is usually measured in ounces.

You can choose supplies for small or large dogs. When buying dog supplies, you need to make sure that you have enough for your dog because you don’t want him to get tired of having the same old dog supplies for several months.

Other factors to consider when buying pet supplies are the purpose of the pet supplies. Do you want the dog supplies for your dog’s comfort, grooming or to maintain their grooming habits? It is also important to consider whether you want to buy cheap or expensive pet supplies. Cheap dog supplies can cause your dog an allergy.

Make sure that any pet supplies you are considering buying are approved by your local animal hospital veterinarian. You can also check out some of the pet websites on the internet to see what kind of pet products are available so that you have no problem finding the right kind of dog supplies for your pet.

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