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Muscular dog breeds are noted for their build, strength, and endurance in various activities.

Among the large breeds, it is very common to think of the American bully or the famous English bull terrier , and to know more details about these beautiful animals you cannot miss all the data.

Characteristics of muscular dogs

According to the international standards of the International Cinological Federation (FCI), the strongest can be placed in the group called Molossers. The same thing happens in the group of terriers and a few in the group of shepherds and buns.

There are also other breeds not recognized by the FCI, but accepted by other associations, such as the American bully.

To expand the list of these stocky animals, we must mention mastiffs such as the English, Italian, Neapolitan; Rottweiler, Great Dane, Argentine Dogo, Alaskan Malamute, Boxer, Irish Wolfhound, Saint Bernard, Bulldog, Pit Bull, Fila Brasileiro, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Akita Ine, Doberman, Presa Canario. The list could still be larger, but it is a representative group.

They generally love physical labor , in fact they need it. Some like to move or drag heavy things, as well as run at full force.

They are mostly large. Playful, curious and very loyal to their family group, in some cases they can become fierce , which is why they need special training. Some of these breeds do not like strangers, so socialization is essential. 

Weight of muscular dogs

There are true heavyweights like the Great Dane that can weigh up to 90 kg , although they start at 60 kg. 

The Presa Canario reaches 65 kg, while the Rottweiler weighs over 60 kg. 

The Akita Inu, from Japan, moves the scales at 54 kg. Along with these tall specimens, there are also lighter breeds, such as the recognizable 25 kg bulldog.

Size of muscular dogs

The size of muscular dogs has a wide range, although these dogs look stocky regardless of their height.

Among the smaller ones, the bull terrier can be considered, which is around 35 cm, while the bulldog measures about 40 cm. 

The American Bully is larger at 50 cm, the Rottweiler is usually close to 70 cm or a little more, as is the Italian Mastiff. The Presa Canario and the Akita Inu are between 63 and 64 cm respectively. And there is even more height with the Great Dane that in some specimens reaches 90 cm .

Muscular dog coat

There are those with short coats, either smooth or rough, which might seem the most common in muscular dogs. Such as the pitbull, rottweiler, etc.

Other breeds have medium fur such as the German Shepherd, the Spanish Mastiff. Among those with large coats are the Saint Bernard, the Tibetan mastiff or the Irish wolfhound.

The textures differ from softer to rougher coats , almost brush-like. In them you can see different combinations of colors or a single color. Also tabby designs or layers distributed in specific areas of the body.

Life expectancy of muscular dogs

Muscular breeds are strong and hardy . However, there are some breeds with a shorter lifespan such as the Great Dane, which on average reaches 8 years, the Boxer is between 8 and 10 years old, the Rottweiler is 11 years old, the Presa Canario is between 9 and 11 years old, the Boxer 9 to 11 years, while the American bully lives about 12 years

Other breeds such as the Bull Terrier live from 10 to 14 years, the Spanish Mastiff from 12 to 14 years, the Italian Mastiff from 12 years, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier from 12 to 14 years.

Behavior of muscular dogs

Several of these breeds fulfilled functions of hunting, grazing, surveillance in the open field. Activities of force and aggression. This does not mean that they cannot be adapted to other circumstances, but they need professional work and constant training , as well as humans who can handle dogs with a strong temperament.

That does not happen in all cases. The clearest example is the pit bull and other animals that were used in fights, but they are not aggressive, they are even perfect guardians in homes with children.

For example, dogs like the Rottweiler are considered very loyal and supportive of the group they live with. His aggressive appearance appears before strangers.

It must be remembered that they are very territorial animals , who seek to mark and leave their mark. Everything can be controlled with training

Many of these types of dogs are balanced, respond more easily to training and do not react aggressively . This is the Presa Canario, which even despite its size is part of the family in flats and apartments.



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